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SimFactor Australia Formula 1
SFA F1 is a series designed to replicate the FIA Formula 1 World Championship as closely as possible. It is run on the rFactor 2 platform using our own physics set unique to every team and based on current FIA F1 regulations. Models and liveries are based on the current day F1 cars of each season.

At the beginning of every season each car is equipped with a set of base physics with slight variations from the best to worst car, determined by the previous year's FIA F1 Constructors Championship.  Each driver will undertake preseason testing of their car then all team owners are allocated the same budget  to choose from a set of upgrade options to customize their car and hopefully maximise their performance prior to the season starting.

All drivers compete in a drivers and constructors championship with a points system that mirrors the FIA F1 Championship. Qualifying follows a 3 stage, knockout format with the top 10 cars in Q3 competing in parc ferme conditions. Races are run over a 100% race distance with no driving aids, 100% damage, full flag/safety car rules and dynamic weather/track conditions.

This series is aimed at the career oriented sim racer with drivers in lower teams looking to work their way up the grid and into faster cars season on season, and the top teams looking to defend their position in the pecking order. The physics have been carefully designed so that whilst top cars do enjoy some advantage, all teams have a chance to score good points if driven well. Race stewards are appointed to each race and the mantra of 'race hard but fair' is a requirement of all competitors.

If you are a lover of Formula 1 and keen to participate in Australia's premier sim racing championship please enquire within. If you are looking to download our mod with no intention to participate, please close this browser, and give yourself an uppercut.