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SimFactor Australia Formula 1
The 2015 Formula One season is finally here. After a long and relatively quiet Pre-Season, SFA marks the return of what we like to call the pinnacle of motorsport.

Mercedes look ahead, but no one can be entirely sure how the season will pan out until we've seen all the cars on the same track, at the same time, doing the same thing. Maybe Williams are quicker than they look, or Red Bull have been hiding their pace.

We can't be sure who is going to end up where, but history has taught us enough to make some educated predictions.

As per usual there has been plenty of changes during the off-season with a number of technical changes being made to the cars and teams.
Engine manufacturers (Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault and Honda) have been allowed more freedom during the off-season. The other noticeable technical change is a tweak to the nose design rules which means most of the cars no longer look like they are ready to star in an adult film.

The Baby Bulls STR10 looks like it'll be a very good car once it's all dialled in, and one of their drivers could break thru for their first podium win.

The field has shrunk to 10 teams with the Caterham outfit folding due to financial pressure. But the biggest news is the return of Japanese giant Honda to F1 after a seven year absence. After a successful partnership between 1988-1992 Honda has re-teamed with McLaren to try and conquer the racing world again.

Good Luck All... RacerX